Hippo is transforming home insurance for savvy homeowners.

Hippo provides clients with savings up to 25%, enhanced coverage on items that customers care about and world-class customer service - all with quotes in under 60-seconds.

Modernized Insurance
Hippo provides smart coverage for today's homeowners. No longer focused on your grandmother's China set but enhanced coverage for home office equipment, expensive electronics and entertainment features and highly customizable to provide the most coverage at the most reasonable cost.

Valued Added Insurance
Lowering premiums by up to 25% is just where the savings begin. Hippo cares about the homes it insures and the people who live in them. Helping clients protect their homes by embracing the latest smart home technology with available discounts, providing resources for home safety and upgrades and offering a claims advocate concierge to each client in their time of need is the Hippo way.

If you're a new homeowner, Hippo works alongside your lender to finalize everything they need from your home insurer to close your mortgage. Valued Added Insurance is the bedrock on which Hippo has been built and should be the expectation of all reputable insurers.

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Save up to 25%* 

Complimentary Smart Home Sensor Kit

Make your home smarter and safer with the purchase of a Hippo home insurance policy. Each policy comes with a 2-sensor smart home monitoring system + a discount on your premium for protecting your home against common risks from fire, water damage and break-ins*.

*Offer currently available in the following states: AZ, CA, IL, MO, NV, OH, PA, TN, TX, WI. Additional states will be added in the future. Please stay tuned!

Saving you up to 25%* on premiums

By automating the process and modernizing coverage, we've shaved up to 25%* off monthly premiums. Learn more about how to save in our Home Insurance Buyer's Guide.

Breaking up with your old insurer?

You can switch insurers at any time, for any reason. We'll assist you with your paperwork and get your unused policy refund sent directly to you. It's that easy.

Understanding Your Hippo Homeowners Insurance


This is the amount of money you'll be required to pay for an eligible claim before your insurance plan starts to pay.

General Deductible - Applies to eligible claims that are not a direct result of wind, hail or a named hurricane. Also known as "All Peril Deductible".

Wind or Hail Deductible - Applies to eligible claims that are the direct result of wind or hail damage.

Coverage for Home

This is the insurance that specifically covers your home and any secondary structures on your property. It does not include the coverage for your belongings or personal liability.

Rebuilding Cost - This is the estimate of how much it would cost to rebuild your home and any secondary structures on your property in the event of complete damage. Typically, your Coverage for Home (defined above) is determined by calculating your Rebuilding Cost (Note: Rebuilding cost is often lower than the market value of your home, because it does not include the value of your land).

Extended Replacement Cost - This added protection increases your standard home coverage by an additional 25%-50% (depending on which Hippo plan you select) in case the cost of rebuilding your home, following damage, is higher than expected. This may occur, for example, when the price of local labor or materials rise, due to inflation or catastrophic events.

Depreciated Value (DV) - If something in your plan - like your roof or a personal belonging - is insured for its Depreciated Value (sometimes referred to as Actual Cash Value), any claims will be calculated by determining how much you originally paid for that item, how long you’ve owned it, and how much the item is worth today as a result of depreciation.

Replacement Cost (RC) - If something in your plan - like your roof or a personal belonging - is insured for its Replacement Cost, a covered claim would be reimbursed for the cost of replacing that item as of today, less your policy deductible.

Mine Subsidence Coverage - Earthquakes aren't the only underground disturbance that shake things up occasionally. Mines can cause mine subsidence or ground movement caused by a failure initiated by the mine.

Sinkhole Collapse Coverage - Until they invent sinkhole nets we also offer coverage for sinkhole collapse damage. These types of collapses are caused by a sudden settlement of the earth supporting property to create a subterranean void below the surface.

Insurance for Roof Repairs - In the event of damage, your roof may either be insured for its Depreciated Value (based on its age) or its Replacement Cost (the cost of repairing or replacing it today). This valuation type is automatically determined based on the roof’s age and materials.

About your roof: Based on its age and materials, your roof will be insured for Depreciated Value.

Coverage for Belongings

This is the insurance that covers some of your personal property both inside and in certain instances, outside of your home. When claims are made for covered items, your insurance pays either the replacement value or depreciated value of the belongings, depending on your selected plan. The amount of coverage may vary depending on type of item, location of item (in vs. out of home) and the specific type of peril (e.g. fire damage).

Hippo’s Most Popular and Extra Coverage plans provide Replacement Cost Coverage, which pays you what it would cost to purchase similar new items at current retail prices.

Hippo’s High Deductible plan provides Actual Cash Value coverage, meaning, the depreciated value of your possessions at the time of the loss (not when you bought them).

Coverage for Liability

This is the insurance that covers certain instances of bodily injury, personal injury (emotional or other non-physical damages), medical expenses, and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible.

Please note: Hippo policies do not cover liability claims caused by dogs with prior bite history (see your policy for details).

Additional coverage included in all Hippo plans

Loss of Use - Covers additional living expenses (for example, food, hotels, or storage) while your home is being repaired

Ordinance Coverage - Protects you in the event that part of your house needs to be rebuilt, but ordinance changes since its construction make the cost much higher than expected.

Water Backup (incl. Sump Pump) - Covers damages caused by the backup and overflow of water from drains or sewers.

Jewelry & Watches - Covers up to $5,000 for loss by theft of Jewelry, Watches, Furs, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones.

Enhanced coverage also included in all Hippo plans

Equipment Breakdown - Covers the cost of repair or replacement for pretty much everything in your home that uses electric power, in the event of electrical or mechanical breakdown. This includes your washer & dryer, HVAC equipment, kitchen appliances, water heaters, and even personal electronics like computers & TVs. This coverage protects up to $100K and the deductible is only $500, which is less than the standard deductible for other types of claims.

Domestic Workers - Protects you if a residence employee (such as a nanny, gardener or babysitter) is injured on your property.

Home Office - Covers home office equipment such as computers and printers for up to $10,000.

Computers - Laptop & desktop computers and related storage devices covered up to $10,000.

Extra Water Backup - This doubles your standard water backup protection, covering up to $20,000 for damages caused by backup and overflow of water (Included in Hippo’s Extra Coverage plan).

Mortgage Payment Protection - In the event that your home becomes uninhabitable, this coverage provides up to $1,500 a month, for up to 12 months, toward your mortgage payments (This coverage is included in Hippo’s Most Popular and Extra Coverage plans).

Extra Jewelry & Watches - Increases coverage up to $5,000 for loss by theft of Jewelry, Watches, Furs, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones (Included in Hippo’s Extra Coverage plan).