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The Massachusetts Society of Licensed Insurance Advisers


Society History

A Brief History of the Massachusetts Society of Licensed Insurance Advisers

In 1980, a bill was filed in the House of Representatives which would allow individuals who held the professional designation CIC, CPCU or CLU, to become a Licensed Adviser without being required to take the written examination.

John Rogers, a Licensed Insurance Adviser, launched an urgent organizing drive which resulted in the creation of the Society. After much persistence, political maneuvering and testimony before the Insurance Committee, the bill was defeated on December 9, 1983.

The continuing thrust of the Society, year in and year out, has been to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas and way to improve the knowledge of its members as well as to provide the public an independent source to assure that they are getting the best counsel available in the Commonwealth by engaging a member of the Society.

The Society now appears to be on the crest of a wave poised for yet another leap forward with the sponsorship of legislation that will set and uphold the professional standards of all Licensed Insurance Advisers in the Commonwealth. The continuing vitality of the organization is founded in its past but looks its membership for the accomplishments of the future.

Past Presidents:

John Rogers 1980 - 1983
H. Hollis Hunnewell 1983 - 1984
Jack D. Dreyfus 1984 - 1985
Raymond M. Burnham 1985 - 1986
Michael A. Viruso 1986 - 1987
Howard C. Chiten 1987 - 1988
Robert Campbell 1988 - 1989
Myron Cooper 1989 - 1990
Larry Sullivan 1990 - 1991
David J. Anderson 1991 - 1992
Robert D. Ellis 1992 - 1993
Nancy P. James 1993 - 1994
Lawrence W. Sullivan 1994 - 1995
Robert D. Ellis 1995 - 1996
Nancy P. James 1996 - 1997
John J. Schortman 1997 - 1998
Terence J. McKiernan 1998 - 1999
D. Dickey Dyer IV 1999 - 2000
Francis J. Licata 2000 - 2001
John Paul Sutrich 2001 - 2002
Robert Ellis 2002 - 2005
Nancy James 2005 - 2009
Donald Uvanitte 2009 - Present