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The Massachusetts Society of Licensed Insurance Advisers


Adviser Defined

What is a Licensed Insurance Adviser or Consultant?

The Licensed Adviser is someone who has passed an extensive written examination as well as fulfilled experience requirements to be licensed by the Department of Insurance to provide insurance advice for a fee. Further, an Adviser is someone who has committed himself or herself to maintaining extremely high standards of professional propriety and ethics as well as advanced education in their area of specialty.

Only a small percentage of insurance professionals practicing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can call themselves an "Insurance Adviser or Insurance Consultant". A Licensed Consultant can be engaged to identify and analyze the sources and magnitude of risk as well as to design a risk management program to control and finance these exposures. As the Licensed Adviser is compensated directly by the client on a fee for advice basis, the conflict associated with commission based compensation is eliminated.

When looking for insurance counsel, the easiest way to ensure you are getting the best is to make sure your adviser is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Licensed Insurance Advisers.